3 Design Tricks To Make Your Space Feel Big

Small Room? No Problem–

1. Paint Colors

Traditional colors such as white, light grey and cream all provide a clean look and feel brighter. These color schemes can make your space feel more expanisve. Using dark colors such as black, dark grey and blue can make your space feel small, but can make your space feel more cozy. 

2. Storage

Keeping clutter out of sight can also help reduce the appearance of a small space. Having handy storage can help. Using roll away islands in the kitchen and pantries can keep clutter out of the way. 

3. Furniture Choices

Small space living can lead to a simplified and streamlined life. Having limited room doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your style. Choosing furniture that compliments small spaces can help make more room. If you can’t fit a dresser in your room, try finding drawers that can fit under your bed. 

Making the right choices can help you go from a cramped mess to an organized and inviting space with room for the entire family.

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