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Call me bilingual. I speak English and “real estate”. You see, it is in my blood, in my family history, and a vital part of my daily life as I am an actively licensed broker in two states: Montana and California.

Born into a family of Realtors and land developers, owning 22 real estate franchises in the San Francisco Bay area, I worked side-by-side with my mother and business partner. I’ve got nearly 3 decades of real estate transactions under my belt!

My clients often comment on how calm and assuring I am, even during the toughest of transactions. That comes from many years of experience. Yes, I have seen it all, and offer you a smooth and seamless transaction all the way to the closing table and beyond. I remain focused and use my highly-developed negotiating skills for the benefit of my buyers and sellers.

I love Montana. In fact, my entire extended family have found their way to Montana! Living in a place where you have open space to enjoy the views of majestic mountains, to breathe in the fragrant evergreens, raise a family, be an active part of a community that cares, live life simply and surrounded by natural beauty,…this is something that so many people seek but few find, except here in Northwest Montana.

I am only a phone call away. Shall we get started?