How to Stage Your Home

How to Appeal to Buyers During Your Open House

Open Houses allow protective buyers to come by and view your home without making an appointment. How can you stage your home to make it look the most appealing?

Declutter & Clean

Decluttering your home can help buyers focus on things that aren’t important and clutter makes the home seem small since it has many items. A clean home is warm and welcoming.

Curb Appeal

The first thing your potential buyers are going to see is the exterior of your home. First impressions matter and they last! Remove weeds from your garden or lawn (if you have them), mow the lawn, trim bushes, wash windows and clean the porch!

Depending on your location and real estate agent, your home may be staged differently. Everyone has their own opinions and know what works best for your home type and location. Please ask your real estate agent for tips on how to stage your home.