Orchard Springs Lodge, One Of The Safest Homes In America

MLS #21915798

Helena, Montana $9,999,900

Welcome to one of the safest homes in America. This 17,000± sf Teton Heritage home combines the best of security and design with maximum privacy and space. Just what you want in today’s challenging times. A significant feature of this home is an undetectable, luxurious 2,000± sf, 3-bedroom, 1.25-bathroom subsurface living area. The main house sits on 315± acres with panoramic views of Canyon Ferry Lake in Helena MT. Extreme attention to detail has created a warm and inviting home that simultaneously offers both luxury and relaxed comfort. Montana was founded on a spirit of discovery, exploration and outdoor recreation. Orchard Springs Lodge is the embodiment of that spirit. This home is about people, friendship and creating memories.

The secure space is quickly and easily accessible. Design specifications include a robust infrastructure, redundant power, water, air and fuel systems. (full specs available).

The owner is a 20-year Army Special Operations veteran who founded a business specializing in Antiterrorism Force Protection for the US Military and Homeland Security. He incorporated his unique security knowledge and technical expertise into all aspects of this magnificent home. This is the place to be in difficult times AND when you simply want your own private getaway in the best of times.

Orchard Springs Lodge can be run remotely. The state-of-the-art security system and internet-enabled controls mean you can travel with confidence. And, you can feel safe while you are in residence.

Enjoy total freedom on your property with NO covenants or restrictions. You decide what you want to do. Test your skills on the outdoor shooting range, ride horses or ATVs across the property into thousands of acres of adjacent public BLM land. Or sit back and enjoy the abundant wildlife and the view. Access the lake across from the main gate at the Orchard Day Use area.

So, sit back and enjoy the quiet splendor of the lake and beautiful mountain backdrop with the knowledge that you are safe and securely distanced from the world.

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