The Hidden Gems Within Bridger Canyon

The drive out to north Bozeman entices the eye as the mountains loom closer and closer, every organic detail mapping out the vibrant colors that make up the majestic Bridger Mountains. As you drive towards the mountains, you will approach the historic entrance to Bridger Canyon, tucked neatly between the Drinking Horse and the hike to the M trail systems. First discovered and mapped in the mid-1800’s, the Bridger Trail connected the booming gold town of Virginia City to the Oregon Trail near Fort Casper Wyoming.

Since then the canyon has been in a constant state of change, the years bringing new developments with it but never enough to compete with the constancy of the Bridger Mountain topography. The Fish Hatchery at the base of the canyon was established in 1892 and stands today for the same commitment to conservation and management of aquatic resources throughout southwest Montana. Just a small drive passed the Fish Technology Center up Highway 86, near mile marker seven, you can still see remnants of the old settlement that started almost at the same time. The small Bridger Canyon Schoolhouse on the east side of the road stands, as it always has, in the same spot it was over 100 years ago. Even further up the road lies the Bridger Bowl ski resort and the Bohart Ranch, both places a top destination for flat and downhill ski enthusiasts.

Throughout the canyon, you will find a handful of hidden roads leading to some of the most grandeur homes in southwestern Montana. Eliciting some of the highest demand for higher-end housing, Bridger Canyon offers an exclusivity that one would be hard pressed to match anywhere else in Montana. With most lots starting at 20 acre parcels, the hillsides of the Bridgers bring the magic of Montana and its wilderness right to the front step of your door. Along with bears, moose, wolf and mountain goats, the Bridger Mountains also boast the largest concentration of migratory golden eagles in North America, with an annual count of over 1,500 birds.

Bridger Canyon offers, to those who seek it, a glimpse into peaceful solitude and a chance to immerse and merge the old with the new. The homes you find in the forests and hillsides of the Bridgers contain a special charm that mixes the luxury of mother nature with the luxury of modern and contemporary living. Where imagination meets reality and the four seasons guide one through each of the Bridger Canyon’s unique yearly turns.

John and Brittany Foster
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Montana Properties