Top Home Updates That Pay Off

Thinking about updating your home? Well here are some updates that could bring the biggest pay off for your home later.

  • Small Bathroom Makeover

Remove dated wall paper and apply a fresh coat of paint. If you have damaged walls, you can spray on texture to provide quick coverage. Replace old shower doors or remove them to create a more open space.

  • Landscaping

A new coat of paint on the outside of the house can be an eye catcher for potential buyers. Replace overgrown shrubs with flowers.

  • Kitchen Remodel

Brighten up the kitchen by sanding and re painting existing cabinets. Changing the window molding could add a decorator detail without the cost.

  • Replace Windows

Replacing windows in your home can become a money saver later. By replacing your existing windows with energy efficient windows, you can be sure they are keeping most of the cold out and keeping the heat in.

  • Living Room Updates

If you have old hard wood floors, you can hire a professional to come in and sand and re stain the floor—a much cheaper alternative to buying all new flooring. If you have carpet in the living room, you can either have it professionally cleaned, or replace the carpet.