Winterizing For Snowbirds

If you are leaving your home for the winter, there are some important steps you can take to keep your vacant home safe.

Make it look like people are living in the home. Be sure to have all of your mail forwarded, have lights on occasionally (such as motion-censored), keep your driveway shoveled, etc.

Consider getting a home security system. This can help with keeping your things secure in your home while you are away. Additionally, if possible it is recommended to take your valuable possessions with you. Consider using a safety deposit box or safe as well.

Prevent a burst pipe by leaving a drip in your sink. This can help keep pressure to the faucet. Wrapping the pipes with a heated tape product can keep the water from freezing. Keep the kitchen and bathroom cabinets open to keep the heat from the air circulating- especially if you are leaving your heat on. It is recommended to keep your heat on while you are away, and make sure your thermostat works!

If you turn off your water supply, be sure to have all the water blown out by a plumber. Be sure all faucets, toilets, etc. are fully drained and consider using antifreeze in places to prevent cracking.

Check out your home before you leave it. Making sure your roof, trees, and other areas around the home are in good order can prevent bad things from happening while you are away. Unplug appliances as well. Be sure to inspect your home to ensure there are now areas for critters to enter the home, this can prevent destruction.

Have some trust in others. Ask a neighborhood or friend to keep an eye on your home while you are away.

We all have pride in our homes and don’t want to face damages to it. Hopefully these tips can help.

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